1. What are the products made from? arctic DRINKWARE is made from Copolyester, a specially modified form of high heat resistant PET which is a strong and durable plastic.
2. What does BPA free mean? All arctic DRINWARE products are produced from Food grade Copolyester material which is BPA free and contains no harmful chemicals.
3. Are they dishwasher safe? Yes, all arctic DRINKWARE products are dishwasher safe. arctic DRINKWARE will not discolour in the dishwasher, they have been tested for hundreds of washing cycles without discolouration.
4. How durable are the arctic DRINKWARE products? The Pilsner and coffee tumblers are manufactured to be virtually unbreakable, if accidentally dropped from bench or table height, they will not break.

425ml arctic DRINKWARE Pilsner

1. How many millilitres (ml) does the Pilsner hold? The Pilsner holds 425ml.
2. How do your drinks stay colder in the arctic DRINKWARE Pilsner? Drinks keep up to 8 degrees cooler for at least 20 mins due to their unique dual wall design.  The dual wall acts as an air insulator and therefore keeps your drinks cold for longer whilst minimizing outer glass condensation.

250ml arctic DRINKWARE Coffee Tumbler

1. How many millilitres (ml) does the coffee tumbler hold? The coffee tumbler holds 250 ml.
2. How do drinks stay warmer? Warm drinks stay warmer for longer due to the unique dual wall design.
3. Can the arctic DRINKWARE coffee tumblers be placed in the microwave to reheat coffee? Yes, all arctic DRINKWARE is microwave safe.

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